Generate New Knowledge by Co-relation

When you are thinking about post what is the basic thing that you look out for when thinking of any topic. Confused! Let me make it simple. Whenever you are searching for new posts for your blog then in your mind there are lot of things happening. Now these happenings generate some new ideas and sometimes it fails to generate anything.

Know About
Now, there is a way to actually process your blog posts. It not keen thinking about any topic also its not about feeling a topic as most of the bloggers and pro-bloggers have said it till now.

Its something you need to connect with. Thinking about new posts is not that harder if you can co-relate the things. Lets say, if you have already written about social media or social media optimization or the way you can make some extra bugs using social media. Then most of you will think about what to write next after these you have all written.

But here comes the connection part. You need to co-relate the topics and discussions to form a new kind of topic and hence generating some extra new information which I am sure will not be available anywhere else.

Develop Connection
I am not saying to actually generate some scrap but co-relate logically. Like if you are already completed every topic about social media then you must co-relate them to form a new topic. For example I show here if you have completed all kinds of social media topics then how to make a new social media topic from the current written topics and discussions.

You can write something on: How to combine affiliate links in social media and make some extra earning or Increasing Feed Readership using social media.


This way you can simple generate some of the unique topics and I will explain this in some other posts what unique topics can do for your blog in a broader way. For now, try making something new from your current make.

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