Get Answers for Others and Topic for You

Getting topic for your blog is something very tedious process when something is really not happening around you. I mean we all have faced this issue sometime or other when we are really short of topics.

Also, this idea is basically for the new bloggers who have just started their blogging career and feel stressed about the topics every day. Now you can apply a simple trick to have a topic every day and believe me all world will help you in getting your topic.

You must have known about yahoo answers – yes! That’s the place, which can actually help you finding your topic for the blog everyday. Are you confused? Take it easy folks – its very easy.

Just log in to the yahoo answers and you will find different categories related to your niche – just go to the one which you like to write about and see to some of the questions – I am damn sure that you will find some answers to the questions – so bingo – you can use the same question to form a topic in your blog and write a post about it.

Wasn’t that easy!

There are more benefits that you could make with yahoo answers not just finding the topics but you could also have a backlink from yahoo answers – I really don’t know that will that backlink be termed as dofollow or nofollow – also I don’t want to get in to the explanation that what counts and what not.

If you still have not made up how you can have backlink – then keep juggling your mind for some time and come back again on my blog you will find an answer to it.

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