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In my previous post I had written about how to get your topic by going through yahoo answers – but getting a backlink that is dofollow or nofollow is not that much important – the important is that you will have traffic and genuine traffic from yahoo answers to your blog.

How simple is that
For getting topic I had explained about going to different categories related to your niche and see to the questions – and then write a post – and there you have the key to your link. When do you see a question and think that you know explanation or solution for it.

Then immediately get to your blog – write a post and publish it – and then simply go to that particular question in yahoo answers and answer the question in brief and put the link of your blog post in that answer area.

Now, that is a consistent thing and will not be vanished soon from the web – and most importantly all search engines around the web will crawl this and put it in to their search.

Wasn’t that simply too!

A simple and effective trick that you could use to make some buzz for your blog – also this will bring loyal traffic to your blog. This will also increase the chances of visitors to subscribe to your blog if they really like your solution.

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  1. Thanks for the information,it will come in quite handy for building backlinks to my site. Keep the info hot this helps people with business websites.

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