Getting Comments on Your Blog or Ignoring Them

Yes! This is what I really feel that most of the people are doing with their wordpress hosted blogs. Also I need to draw your attention that if you are writing something unique or may be re-writing any article there is a 101% chance you will get comments.

Just the auto-blogged blogs are the ones who don’t receive comments as they have same old duplicated content spread over the World Wide Web.

Returning to the basics
Not only today if you have ever written any unique post on your blog than you are likely to receive comments for it. Now I don’t want to draw your attention that how much comments are necessary for blog survival – I would term comments on blog as the essential live saving ingredient for blogs.

But some people will not agree to me, as they might have not witnessed the same thing, which I have, and after witnessing I am writing this post for.

The Reason for No Comment
If you have written unique post and than also you are not getting comments than this is for sure Akismet is blocking all the comments for you. Don’t think that you don’t have to use Akismet for blocking spam it is necessary for all bloggers to have Akismet enabled. But there is one tweak that you can do to recover your real comments.

Just make sure you have disabled: Automatically discard spam comments on posts older than a month.

As I have enabled this and my blog comment ration was declining therefore after doing some research I came to the conclusion that Akismet was blogging my comments and it was true. I recovered almost 5-7 valid comments.

More Work Also
Thought this will have you to work a bit more as you will have to sort out your spam comments and search for valid comments but it’s a nice feeling to receive a comment for your post rather than ignoring it for no reason.

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