Google Adsense Suggested Me

The verdict has been finally out that Google adsense is performing low these days in terms of earning. People are not getting good rates for the clicks on their website so same with me too.

My other banners on the blogs are performing well to my satisfaction. Also I have read that at many places in make money online magazines and articles people have also tried to tilt this low earning to recession. Okay! This can be somewhat related to recession but not completely.

Suggestion to Me
I today checked my adsense account and there I saw messages from Google adsense team with subject “Optimization Report” I hope you also get these kinds of reports in your adsense account.

Its written that how to optimize the adsense performance in your particular site. Therefore, my report suggested me that I should use more adsense banners on my blogs and more link units. Report quoted this that using more banners will enhance my earning.

Cut Scene Two
There is a restriction to use just about three banners and 2 link units (if I am not wrong) and as you can see I am currently using two banners so adding just one banner or some little hyperlinks (link units) will drastically increase my earning? Is it so?

I am just missing out of one banner and two link units that’s it! I don’t think this is the case. You need to have some interesting ads related to your content to have people click on them.

But with the targeted ads with adsense I don’t think this is helping much. As people those who are constantly interested in my blog target their ads through adsense and there is no refreshed ads all the time.

Wait and Watch
Lets see how it all shapes up but I don’t have much faith in other advertisers if compared to CPC method. Really! Thinking too much this time about the different monetizing methods.

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