Google Adwords and Right Keyword Choices

It has been always a mystery to advertise on Google adwords – not because of the pricing involved – but also with lot of options available in Google adwords for placing campaign.

Though all the tools available are for help – but it tends to confuse a bit. Therefore, you need to be sure on how to go with your very first campaign on Google adwords – otherwise you will be at loss of money and moral.

How to Start
I am not targeting on how to create a campaign or what tools to be used for choosing the keywords.

The most important step in any Google adwords campaign is to get the right bids and precise keywords – but you cannot get the best keyword in your first-go. You need to follow the following:

With the help of keyword research tool – get the best keywords related to your campaign – and then choose the top 10 from the keywords result list. Start your campaign with only 10-keywords.

Keep this online for 2-days and track the results – which keywords are cost effective and giving you maximum impressions and clicks – from this, choose any top 2. Then again repeat the above steps for choosing a lot of 10-keywords; and again cut it down to top2.

Repeat this 5-times till you get your precise lot of top-performing keywords.

By performing these steps you are bound to get the ultimate result for your Google adwords campaign. Your campaign will yield the maximum benefit for you and will be cost effective.

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