Honor Your Blog Visitors

Honoring is the word when heard makes you attentive and when pertains to you gets a feeling of delight. So, trying to honor your blog visitors in a way that this could really feel them delighted.

Your Users
Now its not always true to have a contest to attract the visitors because I believe that too much contest in a blog makes users visit the blog but they always be attentive towards making something out of the blog rather than reading the stuff and understand.

The scenario could be different but I felt really like this for most of the blogs or websites that run contest to attract visitors at the end and not actually trying betterment of their content.

Though, contests are the nice way to keep your visitors hit back to your website, but giving 100’s and sometimes 1000’s of dollars every time in the blog is not recommended, indeed this can help in creating high visits ration but will not constitute to really honest users for your blog.

Honor to Help
You have to think differently if you are trying to get honest blog users. The only thing that’s matters at the end is how you help your users in way that they feel honored.

As not always money makes honor but it’s the stuff and kind of knowledge you tend to provide your users.


Ways to Honor
There are some really simple ways to honor that can increase your blog visits and help in creating real honest users. The preferred way is to have a column in your blog sidebar for the top commentators. That can highlight the names of bloggers who commented and link the username to their blogs.

This way you are providing a free back-link to the blog users who are really active in your blog and the other way round to think is you are actually lending your blog space for free to give a honor your blog visitors who comments and are regular users.

More to This
As you do this in your blogs, this will also help you in other way. Simply you are providing a back-link right! Now when technorati counts that you are providing a back link so your blog will be highlighted in the technorati authority ranking for that particular blog to whom you have provided the back-link.

Ultimately your blog will also be highlighted when someone search for that particular blog, so this will also help you in other way round. Isn’t it!

So, how do you find this idea to actually honor your blog visitors and in other way get honored too? Blogging is all about the creative thinking how do you visualize and most how to you make sense out of any topic.

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