How Does Blog Makes Money

You must have selected the best niche – you might know your niche properly and can easily write posts about it. The thing that keep the moral of bloggers intact is the money making – irrespective of the niche.

Therefore, what are the best ways to generate money from your blogging?

Generate Money
There are pretty simple and effective ways to generate money from your blog – by opting for any or all of the following methods:

  • You can have PPC advertisements: Advertisements that pay you on per click basis such as adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser and clicksor etc.
  • You can have CPM advertisements: You are paid on per 1000 views on this kind of advertisements.
  • Have CPA Advertisements: This is a good chuck of money as you are paid on per sale or per lead basis.
  • Link Advertisements: Pretty simple, no excellent placement required, keyword present in your blog post gets highlighted automatically and you are paid on per click basis. Kontera is the best in link advertisements.
  • Paid Reviews: You could charge money for posting reviews on anything.
  • Sell Links: You could list your blog in the marketplace and can sell links. Best to choose is the TLA (text link ads).
  • Not to forget besides all these programs you can always sell direct links and advertisements on your blog.

You need to test your blog – which kind of advertisements works best for you depending on the niche and kind of traffic you have. As most of the methods listed above are geographic depended.

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