How much to reveal

I was reading some blogs and also in some ebooks I have read that people try to not to be accurate with the information. I am using the word accurate because people usually write like they are the oceans and write in very deep thinking.

Its not like you should not write deep thinking about any topic, this is must for any niche, but keep your information right on track is the most important aspect of information sharing.

Also I recommend that you should have a punch of information in your any blog post. Every blog post you write on in any topic should have a punch line of a deep thinking, which will in other way turn your users to think about the information for a while after reading your post.

This will help your blog in various ways as it will create a buzz, and make it more popular.

Now About Information
As I have talked about writing a punch line in your blog post its also very important that how much of the information you reveal with your blog users.

Like for example: if you are writing about make money online then not revealing the exact information about the topic could actually confuse your blog users that how to use this information. You must have elaborated your topic but since have not reveal the exact information then the post is of no sense.

I also recon that not revealing the required information or exact information could make an impression for your user that you don’t know about the topic and you are just writing because you have to.


Don’t have such feeling in your writing and till whenever possible try to create a good reading experience for your users.

As it is said: that less information is always harmful and this helps in no ways and also this leads you to an extent of developing a myth about the topic.

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