How to Attract Consistent Sponsors

If you want to excel in the blogging career then its must that you should have some confirmed dedicated sponsors for your blog – that advertise regularly on your blog. Seeking these kinds of advertiser is a big-ask and none of them easily converts to your blog.

Therefore, how does some pro-bloggers do have some dedicated sponsors on their blogs. There are some basic laws to follow and then you can also have dedicated sponsors for your blog.

Things Need to be Done
Basic laws says that when you need someone attraction start talking about them and start giving them preference – same law applies to blog sponsors if you want to have a dedicated sponsor then you need to talk more often about them.

Below are some points that need to be taken care of when attracting any sponsor:

  1. Give preference to them.
  2. Talk more often about them.
  3. Highlight positive points about them.
  4. Relate your blog and promote them within.
  5. Write their product reviews.
  6. Try to provide as much traffic and conversion as you can.

With these few points I can assure you that you will have some consistent confirmed dedicated sponsors for your blog.

Believe me attracting a sponsors it not that difficult task – but your blog needs to match the niche of advertiser and obviously you should first be able to provide some traffic to the advertiser – so that advertiser could see the potential of your blog and subscribes.

4 thoughts on “How to Attract Consistent Sponsors”

  1. I think this a great article but most people are followers so they must see advertisers on your blog before they buy. I suggest going into webmaster forums and get a few advertisers and one your got 1 or 2 advertisers contact the big companies. After that you will attract a lot more advertisers.

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