How to Become Top Rated on Yahoo Answers

Participating in Yahoo! Answers in as many relevant channels and subjects as possible, can prove to be a very valuable opportunity. If you start contributing valuable and important content to every answer, you will soon set the stage for becoming a top contributor. Top contributors have not only earned the trust of all Yahoo! Answers participants, but they can encourage a following of their own after a period of time.

A Top Contributor is someone who participates regularly in the Yahoo! Answers community, and is relatively knowledgeable in a particular subject or category. Any Yahoo! Answers user can be a Top Contributor in up to three categories, and itโ€™s important that you identify your goals of category participation when you start. Keep in mind that Top Contributors are established and recognized in a variety of ways; the title can change at any time, but for the most part, it largely depends on the amount of points and level of participation.


Contributors can be active answerers but not receive their title, or badge, until a specific set of criteria have been met. Yahoo! Answers tallies up the points that have accrued for each participant, and can help you promote your status in a fresh new way. Favorable ratings, specialized and valuable answers, and plenty of new and relevant information will help you earn the status of Top Contributor over a period of time.

2 thoughts on “How to Become Top Rated on Yahoo Answers”

  1. I only use it for fun… Never thought about marketing… Seems like a lot of work though? You have to have like a gazillion points to achieve a top contributor status… Which would mean hours and hours a week I’d imagine…

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