How to Play Performancing Ads

The more new offers are around and they are paying even better than the old and famous advertising offers. The best of the lot till now which I feel as per my experience with them is performancing ads. This does not mean that TLA is not good they are excellent though but performancing ads as the new in the lot and giving a quite handsome customization offers, so anyone can play handy with them.

Knowledge to Play
You just have to keep some basic and useful points in mind when you market your blog worth with performancing ads. Performancing Ads has the famous 125×125 banner auction style, which embeds the ads purchased in your blog.

As the performancing ads gives you the freedom to decide the rate you want to have it for your account so here comes the tricky part.

  1. When you are adjusting the rates for banner display on your blog, you need to compare what others are having with the same related niche.
  2. Keep you rate slightly lower then the other with the same niche.
  3. Keep your banner location visible than other banners so this would attract more advertisers.
  4. Write the exact location of your blog where you want to display the advertisement in the performancing ads account as this will be displayed in the marketplace and advertisers will likely pick it up.
  5. Depending on the rate you are asking do write a blog post about the advertisers, but this is not true for publishers who are charging less than $5 per week. Writing a blog post will help users to visit the sponsors site and it will help your blog revenue increase.
  6. Don’t leave the place blank even if you don’t have any advertiser.


I am sure that if you follow these six points in consideration of increasing your blog revenue with the help of performancing ads you can. Just don’t alter any of the six points because every step is equally proportional to the other step and if you edit some step then the whole idea of making money with performancing ads will be barred.

On the other hand, if you can add some more steps which could be related to these then it would be a nice go for anyone who wants to have a successful performancing ads.

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