How to Work Smoothly with Your Client

I have been tweeting last week that how a client ditched me and not paid me for the work that was in process of completion. Though I have not got such clients in my recent past or when I started online working.

It was very awkward situation and the reason why I was in this awkward situation is because I was not following the basics of work.

Follow Work Basics
Whenever you get some project – or you interact with client for a project – you need to follow the basic guidelines.

  1. Get the exact information that what needs to be done.
  2. If possible record your chat sessions – whether text or speech.
  3. Send all requests as follow-up email and ask for the confirmation.
  4. Always remember to take some advance before starting work.
  5. Do some work and show to your client for approval and then get along with work.

These steps do ensure smooth working – and keep your relation intact with your client. As there are few morons around Internet who want to get their work completed for free and then never show up.

You need to be sure with clients that you get from Webmaster forums – as these points do let you keep the work and details fair.

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