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A few days ago was my post describing how to make content more specific and catchy and for that I have given the example of how to choose the right pictures. Also how to actually choose the pictures more defining to your content.

But a recent surfing of my to the blogs and how to make the content more interactive to the user has inspired me to write this post.

The basic criteria of blogging and more of professional blogging are letting your user to stick to your blog for some longer time. Some might believe that this is not a good idea but think deeply.

If you make your user interested in the stuff and he could wait for some longer duration to your blog.

To Follow
In my previous posts as I have described about using pictures in your content. Now it’s use of videos in your blogs. Just don’t think that I am telling you to actually blog like vlogs.


The same thing which you follow from some time now as you use pictures instead of using pictures now start using videos that related to the subject you are talking about.

I know it’s hard to search for videos or if you want to shoot it will take some time. The best would be to actually install a plugin for YouTube videos in your wordpress blog and search for the videos that relate to your blog post.

You can search for some other sites also for the videos such as Metacafe, DalilyMotion, Myspace and Yahoo videos. I have installed a new section, which could help you in this to search for all type of videos from different sources at one place just switch to Infogle Video.

How this Helps
When you choose some related video for your blog it will certainly let your blog users to click on the video to view the content, and there comes the span, when users wait for some longer duration then the previous visit just because they are watching videos.

Also, to note that if the videos develop some interest they will regularly visit or search for some more good videos in your blog. Therefore in a simple way you are letting your user to increase his time span on your blog.

More to this
I would suggest making a category for “videos” in which you can include all your posts, which include videos, whether the content is of different category, try to post the same in videos category too.

Category suggestion is only applicable for those include videos sometime and not always. I think this is the simplest of way to increase your blog user stay.

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