Increasing Popularity and Duplicate Content

This is the interesting topic in past I have written regarding this but now it looks like need to give one more explanation on the topic. You must remember my post where I have written about how to make popular soon and a new kind of advertising method in which you have to post on your blog post on some of the popular free blogging networks.

Question in Concern
A person today asked me on the Webmaster forum “what is the meaning of duplicate content and why my blog is not been crawled regularly or instantly when I am using wordpress as the blog platform”.

Now, the clarification, which I provided to him, insisted me to write this particular post. When I looked to his profile that what he was doing wrong and because of the reason his blog was not indexed on Google.

He understood that he is required to post his blog post in the most popular blogging platforms as to attract a variety of audience to his blog, but the only mistake this person was make he was copying his complete post to these free blogging platforms and not just copying some paragraphs.

Now this made the confusion for Google so as to mark the content duplicate, because he was copying the content instantly upon his posting and I suggested to copy your post after 4hrs at least to these free blogging platforms if you want to post it in real urgency, if not then give some time at least a day (24hrs) and then just copy the starting paragraph of your blog post and then post it to the free blogging platform.


The only thing you need to be careful with this method that you need to have some patience when increasing your blog popularity with this method.

Also, don’t copy the complete blog post, if you are not comfortable creating a summary for your post then just copy the first paragraph of your blog post. If you still have not tried this method and you are the beginner blogger then you must try this method.

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