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Many Internet users are now inclining towards blogging and most of them are taking blogging as a career. As its looks easy to start a blog and blog about things you want to say or write.

But there is more if you are taking blogging as professional career. As it demands more dedication and perfection. Increasing blogs in the blogosphere has also increased the competition and for professional bloggers to cope with this increasing competition is not that easy.

Simple Way
But Hey! There is always a solution for every thing. So, if you are feeling like you will be given some time taking lessons or speeches then relax. I am not going to bore you with the knowledge.

Just few things you have to keep in mind that you write for users and not for search engines. I have written this in all of my seo posts in the blog and recently a user has also commented this phrase.

Very right! Your approach should be friendly and not as in giving a lecture kind of thing because lectures are always boring. We all must have experienced this in the school or the colleges, you have taken a subject according to your wish but sometimes being in the class to listen to a lecture is boring.

Why boring? There is nothing interesting to get you along with the teaching. Isn’t it?

So this happens to the users also who must have found your blog in the search engines also got the stuff they were searching, but they got the feeling that the stuff is not interesting as its all bookish. Therefore users skip, as they have many-many options available in the blogosphere.


Market Your Blog
So despite of making interesting stuff you need to have some marketing techniques also in your blog, which increases the users to return to your blog.

Now to have something very simple and yet effective is to give your users something for free. I am not saying to give away a free laptop or a digital cam or your house just joking. But something that they would need and probably your free stuff could help them.

Giving away a free stuff and that also if possible daily for the new bloggers to attract users is a nice way to market your blog, but you should also consider this that your blog must have nice posts, so when user comes they should get nice writing to read in.

This way you can help yourself in relating more with the users and hence also helps in making your blog popular.

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