Kind of Blog Post is Must

There may be many ways of blogging – many styles of blogging – but there are some things you need to watch when you are completely dedicated to your blogging career.

There are the posts that you need to include in your blog – if you are really serious about money making on your blog and want to make it a popular blog – this can be applied to any niche blog.

Post style to Include
Lets take some examples first – what people do on their blogs – they give out tips and suggestion about the niche they are blogging. Some of the tips and suggestions are tried and tested – but some are just random.

So, here is a find out that most of the blogs are engaged in to tips and suggestion. Therefore, their targeted approach is less. Further, if you mark out some things that what you do or what your friends do on web – you will be shocked to find out the ratio that most of the times we are comparing things.

We normally want to know that which one is better in comparison. If you buy a Nokia mobile you would want to know that how Nokia is better than HTC or Apple – so we are comparing.

If you go for adsense money making then – you would like to compare it with adbrite that which works better – so we are again comparing.

I hope you have made till now that you need to include posts that compare something with other, other competitor in the same field.

By comparing you are giving your blog a good chance of getting a wide audiences – and still you can write the same old stuff with it, like tips and suggestion.

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