Leave a Mark in Your Blog Users Mind

There is always something special of some kind, which makes a thing attractive to look at to. It can be the outfit, or it can be the face, or it’s just the way one talks.

If you love any of the attributes makes you interested then automatically you will be attractive to the person. Right! Don’t think the way that I am going to talk about personality improvements. Rather I would like to relate the same thing to web.

Actually What Happens
When you visit some blog there is something that makes you interested in the stuff, other than the obvious writing. It can be the blog design that leaves an impression, but it will become old within few days, so actually have you thought what leaves a mark other than the content? It’s the images or videos.

This Leaves a Mark
Yes its always pictures that leave a mark in your conscious mind so that you can remember anything. Have you ever attended a memory improvement seminar or class, what actually they teach you so that you can remember things easily? They tell you to memorize the stuff and relate them to some pictures. As pictures are easily recallable, and not the writing in most of the cases.

So What To Do
When you are writing a blog post or any article in your website, just make sure you include the pictures related to your stuff, so the visitor/user can easily recall your website/blog.

Leave a Mark

This is very important aspect of blogging and should be taken as serious as you take your writing. Pictures should be unique and somewhat related to the matter of your post and choose that kind of pictures that actually says all itself.

Where to Find and What
The question is not so hard, one should think creatively. I am saying word “creative” because ever blogger (if a serious blogger) is a creative person, as he actually creates new knowledge and new writing every day.

So, be creative to search for the image you want to include in your blog post. Just try Google images for this and believe me you will get some excellent results.

The Key is
Basic requirement or the basic need that you have to apply to actually include a image in your blog is when you actually finish writing your blog post just summarize the content in a line of two what actually this post is meant up to. By then you will get a line and make it even short lets say a word or two and then try Google the image.

The result you will get after this would be excellent and you will find that this actually relates to your stuff also.

You can also include some of the matching videos if you want but my vote is just for the images, because images can be the punch line in any blog.

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