Leave Your Blog Impression on Other Blogs

This is widely believed that leaving a mark somewhere can actually gain you some popularity so people always likes to leave some mark around with their work or the stuff that could be remembered or can be referred to them. If we look at the world we will see many such things where people do strange things to leave a mark of their own.

So, have you ever thought that how to actually leave your mark with blog or blogging. I reckon most people will say that write good quality content and foremost unique. True! But there are other factors also involved.

What Helps
Leaving a mark with your blog could actually help you in various ways such as you will gain free users to your blog, people could actually see you around, and also they could know you.

Do This
Now many pro-bloggers and myself also have written here that leave a comment so that visitors could see your comment and the link present in the comment and could visit your blog.

But I recently made a quick research on some other factors also and this proved to me somewhat easy for the bloggers to leave a mark on other blogs.

You must have seen or know about the Mybloglog or BlogCatalog widgets which gives you the information of recent readers to the blog. Yes the same widget can help you.

First of all just create your account with any of the two sites and then they will ask for your image (to make a thumbnail), just place the image that resembles your blog or might it be a favicon, this solely depends on you what resembles.

Next, try to visit the other blogs as most of the blogs use these widgets to show recent readers to their blogs. You will find your thumbnail image is posted on that widget and then when you keep your mouse over it, will give you the name of your blog or the username, which you filled while creating the account.

Also if some other user clicks on this thumbnail image it will bring to your personalized account home of mybloglog or BlogCatalog. In that the user can read some of your posts summary or click to visit your blog.


At Last
This is the simplest of methods to gain popularity, visitors and leave your mark. You don’t have to work much writing comments, though comments are also equally important. Therefore, if you want to leave your blogs’ impression on other blogs then it is highly recommended to create your account on mybloglog or BlogCatalog.

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