Make Users Stay Longer on Blog

People do install plugins on their wordpress and you can count on plugins that they are the lifesaver for any wordpress blogs. As without some plugins wordpress blog is as incomplete as it is skin without pigmentation.

I am not saying about all those sitemap or Akismet plugins – but some of the plugins are must on your wordpress blogs – as they provide life to your blog.

Needed Plugin
You must have written exceptional well post for your blog – it is ranking well for the keyword in search engine too – people are reading it. These are all good happenings for your blog – but when the user lands on to your blog – how can you make them stay longer on your blog?

As you might have written other good articles too but for some or the other reason they are not ranking in search engines – Grrr!! Seo techniques – but you can show the same to your users.

Use the Related Post Plugin – it will make your users busy on your blog by not only showing them the related posts – but they could also see the quality writing that you have done in the past.

This plugin is not only used to show or make users busy on your blog – but could also make user to subscriber for your blog – in urge of getting future updates as well.

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