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It has been long time since I have given any precise blogging tips to all of you – since I am been focusing on different issues – that’s why I was missing the blogging tips part. But here is something that you might want to use – if you are serious about your blogging career.

Very less have been written about it – How to manage the blog writing – how to manage the knowledge is the most important thing.

Mange the Knowledge
There must be times when you are not in front of computer or you don’t have your laptop/Netbook – and at that time when you are hit with a new blogging idea – then what to do at times.

Then you will need to have a sound recorder with you – so that you can record your idea – for recording your idea you can use your mobile.

There are number of mobile applications for it – which you can install on your mobile and it will serve as a sound recorder.

As you record – you can also use the recording system for completely writing your blog post – so that you can after you are back and in front your computer – you can hear to the complete post and write it – then the part left is editing the post.

You might find this as an awkward way to do it – but I have tried this method – Initially it was awkward but I really liked the method – because it provides freedom but still you are able to work.

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