Methods to Earn from Downloading Sites

There are lots of sites on Internet who claim to give money for download – you must have heard about them. You just have to upload the file and when people download that particular file – you will earn money.

Lot of these download sites are fair and do pay in time but many are fake – in this post we will be discussing about fair sites who do pay for fair downloads.

What to Upload
Yes! This could be the question in concern that what to actually upload so that people download them. People do upload lot of unethical matter – copyrighted stuff – just to earn from the unfair means.

My honest suggestion would be to setup a free site on the stuff which you are interested more – like for example: if you have keen interest in making wordpress themes, Joomla themes, then do make your free site on downloading themes – and then create the theme it could be simple ones also – and try to share them with the users through these downloading sites – who pay for download.

The other idea could be to compile an ebook from various ebooks available or just give out any modified free PLR pack.

The above two methods are just simple and you can start now – there are more ways by which you can earn money from downloading sites in ethical way.

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