My Blog Topics and Me

I always wanted to give a depth in to my blog and want to cover the topic that is off much importance to you. So, was thinking of some more topics that could make webmasters and other web related people’s interests.

I have no hesitation in saying this that circumstances turn up to have me include another category or topic in my blog. So the destiny shaped it for me this time.

Recently I had my health checkup and diet consultants said that I am slight overweight. This does not mean that I am too fatty but slightly overweight. This time the doctors had given a one-hour consultation to me and asked the questions about my day life, work life, and activities and also the kind of diet I eat.

They were really shocked with the fact that I was very careless with my diet activities but I told them this is due to my Webmaster engagements and my work. So they suggested a long list of diet to be taken and activities that should be done. I came home fine with all of them and kept a side and was thinking that what should I do.

Switch on my comp again and surf the topics about Webmaster health and diet and the results were shocking to me not only me, there is a big population of webmasters who are having the same lifestyle like me.

Therefore, I came to the conclusion that the matter is too serious for all Webmasters and finally decided to start a topic about health and diet in my moneymaking blog.

Now most bloggers will disagree with me on this that making money online and Webmaster topics has no relation with the health, but I differ this has relation and you will come to know when you will find some good health, food and diet related articles.


So, here comes the health and diet category in my blog and I am too sure that all the Webmasters whether thin or fat will be benefited from this. I hope to start this category soon. Therefore stay tuned!

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