Never Set Blogging Targets

The biggest challenges of time for every blogger have been how to become successful with their blogging. There are very different laws, which bloggers usually follow but there is not clear indication of what is to be followed, but still some basic theories should be followed to become a somewhat successful blog.

First thing to be kept in mind when you start professional blogging is that does not depend on time and does not set yourself earning targets of any kind for your blog. You would think that this is the silliest thing but wait and see yourself a different scene altogether.

When you set a time target for your blog
This is most depressive thing because you will always be chasing time that you have finished xx number of days or months but you blog is still not working right for you. This will increase pressure on you and you will lose the potential writing, which you can write without this.

This has happened to me that’s why I am mentioning this. Don’t take any kind of pressure of writing in your blog; just write with free mind and what you can write, whether it is good or worst. You will improve with time. As self-learning is more important.

Targets Not with Blog
Setting the earning target for your blog is the worst thing ever that how much you earn in how many days or months. First look at the quality number of posts you include and are this off users interest or not.

Targets could depress you more if you didn’t make it up to your targets. You will always be looking to targets and not much about blogging.


Every pro-blogger who has been successful does not have been in just 2-3months of starting their blog. They have gradually grown because they never ever set any depressing targets for blogging. They have blog about what they feel would be useful for their audience.

Quick achieving targets always fail and long term theory always work. Therefore set a long-term factor for your blogging career.

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