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This is the new age of Internet where the beginner also wants to build his brand first and then market. Nothing bad in it this is good as brand creates value.

What’s the Happening?
This is an exclusive update from feedburner. As you know many bloggers use feedburner to deliver the stats and show the subscriber stats. There is good news for all of them who use feedburner to deliver their feeds.

MyBrand lets you use your own domain name to host your feed instead of It puts you in even greater control of your own content with FeedBurner and best of all, MyBrand is now free.

Let me Explain this
Previously you were using the URL of feedburner to deliver feeds to your users but it looked like the shared service right! But now you can use your own URL and the stats will be store in the feedburner as usual and you could track all the happenings and user subscribing.

Best of all you can still keep the FeedCount chicklet as previous and the stats will be shown.

How to Create
You just have to work with your DNS setting in your hosting account and if you don’t have access to your DNS setting then sorry 🙁 this is not for you. But for those who can do:


Create a CNAME entry in the DNS records for each domain name. If you want to host your feeds at the feeds subdomain (this is the most common, e.g., your CNAME entry should be: feeds CNAME Exact creating method you can get from feedburner site.

Power You
Therefore, take the power of feedburner with your blogs and start making profit. As others will not know that you are using the same feedburner stats. I still have to modify my feedburner links for my blog willing to do it soon.

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