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Few days back I read a post about BuzzVoice on some blog. If you don’t know about BuzzVoice – it will read the blog posts for you and you can download the voice file of the blog post and listen through your iPod or mp3 player.

The Use is
People these days are reading so much and always eyeing in front of computer and this does not make sense of reading so much – when you are in the techy world, so BuzzVoice came with a idea that they will have their tools and read the blog post for you, which you can download and listen yourself afterwards.

But the lacking point is they have a bunch of blogs submitted to their website and you can only listen to those blog posts, categorically designed for easy sorting.

The fun also lies in that you will be mailed with your BuzzVoice choices of new blog posts that have been recorded. All is nice.

If you are thinking how could you have it on your own blog, then you might have to wait for sometime they are still making the plugin for wordpress which you can embed in your blogs and this will help your visitors to listen your blog posts.

Could You Remember
If you are following my blog from long time, you might have read or heard my blog posts, yes “heard” because I think I was the first to have blog posts recorded in voice and visitor could just press the play button and listen to it.

But I stopped because of excessive of bandwidth and my voice was also not nice 😉 to suit the visitor ears, and sometime I am writing from place where I cannot record because of much disturbance.

I am looking forward for the plugin of BuzzVoice so that I could embed in my blog and help you listen to my blog posts rather than have a read.

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