Patience Theory for Bloggers

People who want to become bloggers by seeing to some of the leading bloggers and gets fascinated by the income they make. There is nothing wrong to get inspired by anyone and it’s always good to take inspiration.

Things to Watch
If you are thinking of starting a full time blogging profession then my advice to you is that first visit all the leading bloggers blog and understand what they are actually doing and also try to understand the stuff how they write about.

First try to develop your interest on some niche and then blog because this is very general that people actually have their interest shifted from the niche they have started their blog.

Why I said to develop your interest? The reason I said this because if you will visit some blogs and surf the Internet with a view that you are actually looking for specific information then the problems you will cater will be the deciding factor at the end when you think of some niche to start your blog.

Also when you visit the niche you are thinking to start, will help you understand what sort of stuff is written and how you can improve in your blog.

Patience is The Key
When you finally hit the blogosphere with your blog some bloggers start dreaming to be millionaire within a span of one month or 15days. As I have personally seen the bloggers who just started blogging, blog about many posts in one day and they keep blogging for a month or so and gets distracted when they don’t see the people reading their blogs.


The first distraction is when they think about the private advertisements for their blog. When they don’t get within the time frame they thought.

Blogging on consistent basis and not thinking of results first and include quality content in your blogs and have patience is the key for blogging.

Let Things Unfold
When you blog people see and they don’t refer or talk about your blog in initial stages and when they see you are writing your blog on consistent basis and you are really dedicated for your blog and the content you include in your posts.

Then they start to refer and talk with their friends about your blog and this pertains to the increase in blog visits. If you think this is the bingo then wait. This is just the starting. Revenue making comes at the last.

This is kind of series that you need to understand if you are seriously thinking of professional blogging. First few users visit and they don’t refer to friends and later when they see your consistent dedication to the niche and your blog posts, they refer to friends and then combine visits your blog, then they started to leave comments on your blog about the stuff you have included till now and what you are missing just like critics.

Then the stage of revenue comes. Where your blog is really popular and you make money out of it.

It’s a long patience theory that you need to understand and let this full theory unfolds in your blog then only you can think about earning.

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