Paypal Restrictions So Payment Processor to Opt For

You must have heard about PayPal restricted policy in accordance with the RBI restrictions on money transactions. Many people have written about what to do and what no to when this policy comes into action.

All are just pointing to the credit card making – and how credit cards will be made but the question is not of credit cards or adding payment to paypal – issue is to have transactions in the foreign currency.

Reality Check
We all have to do transactions in foreign currency and credit card are not friendly in doing this – the minimum charge they have on transactions made in foreign currency is 3%.

Therefore, the easiest of all solutions is to shift in moneybookers. Yes! It is the correct choice of the time.

As Moneybookers is friendly to all – and most of the people and clients do have moneybookers account and they will be happy to do transactions in moneybookers – rather than splitting in parts (in verge of maximum transaction of $500 allowed).

Also, with moneybookers it is easy to send payments to anybody without any issue – also you can withdraw easily to your bank account.

I know you will say that moneybookers is not widely accepted by many sites – but as paypal is being restricted from sending payment – those who are not accepting moneybookers will likely accept this sooner or later. Therefore, this is the only option left for staying in business.

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