Profile Page Can be Marketing Tool

Your signature file is just as important as your profile page, since this is the spot where people can learn more about you, your company, and your business. The profile page is a unique marketing tool, and you can include a biographical summary, along with a brief description of your business. This is the ideal spot to place any and all of your affiliate links, relevant links to your website, and other necessary information such as how to get to your blog.


You will probably change your profile page multiple times throughout the year so that it is up to date and includes all of the necessary contact information for potential customers. Think of this as a miniature contact segment from your website; when a visitor comes across or reviews this profile page, they will want to catch a glimpse of what you are presenting, and move along to your website, blog, or affiliate links directly from there. Your profile page should include:

• A direct link to your website
• A small picture of you or your company
• A link to your blog
• Links to affiliate networks with your affiliate code included
• A catchy quote
• A short biography about your website
• Any other relevant information pertaining to your website or company

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