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This question may have come to you mind or you must have asked this question to other users too that what they did to their site that it has been successful. Isn’t it! Or not. If you have not asked this question to anybody or to yourself then I doubt you are not made for the cyber world.

As cyber world depends on the curious expectations of the users and curiosity hence give rise to the opportunities and then opportunities decides the earning ratio. These all are pretty much inter-linked.

What is the Question
The success relies in finding the answers to the questions. Because everything in this world would not have existed if no one were questioning and no one was finding the answers to it. Hence you can say how much you question depends on how much success you want in your field.

Therefore ask first question to yourself that what are you trying to build is that will benefit someone at somewhere or not. If yes then what would be the criteria or areas that you will be of benefit to someone.

Basic Reasons
When anyone starts a website, one always try to copy some of the structure which the most popular website of the same niche has. Nothing harm in it! Its good and its not copied its inspiration.

I am not saying to exactly copy the content and start a site, but you should copy the thoughts and the backhand drive of the website that you are looking at. Do a deep study of the structure and working.

Some More Questions
When you starts a website then include as much content as you can if you are starting a content based site. I would rather say that all websites on Internet are content based only except the shopping sites as they have the products.

So, it is always said that content is king. So, first thing you have to take into consideration is to have content abundance. At the same time the content should be attractive enough for the users to visit on daily basis.


At last, I would say that asking questions before start of a project is always nice and better for oneself. Also, if you don’t find answers to some of the questions then take some professional advice or you can always use the contact form to consult me.

I would like to conclude with a Chinese proverb “One Who Asks A Question Is A Fool For Five Minutes; One Who Does Not Ask A Question Remains A Fool Forever”.

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