Quick SEO for Quick Sales

This is the question I have been asked from 99% of clients to whom I have given SEO consultation. Generally people want quick solutions and they often tend to say that “can you make this quick and list our site better in search engines.”

And my answer to all those clients is always “if you want to have quick sales, then shift yourself to advertisement, try adsense or bidvertiser.” Seriously if you are just thinking about the sale, then trying seo is not always a good idea.

Quick Money
People who spend $1000’s and also this much time in projects always want to make quick sales because they feel that they have already invest huge some to their projects and cant really wait more for money.

Take a break! And try to figure out that SEO can also be done when the project is still in beta stage or you have just started to shape your project and not launched it. This is some what called the basics of seo that can be done before launch. As, this way seo gives more fruitful results because your project/site is already SEO friendly and has the entire basic requirement that is needed for the search engine crawlers to feel hungry about your site/project.

I am not saying that the person who is interested in SEO never want the sales, but certainly not overnight. SEO is an ongoing process, which has to be continued forever you can only tune the flexibility of the amount of seo done with time. As in initial stages it demands more but in later stages you can gradually decrease the amount of seo you do.

Sales and SEO
SEO is not printing software that could print you money. SEO is a process that develops the market for you and it only helps in listing your site better in the search engines, rest depends on your product features and how you are best from the rest of the products related to same niche.


Selling is just different and SEO is a different stream because SEO people are not internet marketers that could make your product sellable but they are actually the people who could let other know that you have the product which can be of there use.

Therefore, improve the product features you want to sale and then do the seo (if you have not done the seo before the launch of your project/site). Also, have patience in getting results.

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