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There are various sources these days to get the latest news – and Yes! If you are a blogger you must read and read well – without any disturbance and without any eye-catching advertisements.

People still rely on Google news where they search for any particular kind of news or visit any news website and choose their niche category and read the news. But with the introduction of a new website – all this has been so easy to do. – All the News at One Place
This is one of a kind of service which brings you all the news from the web to one place and that’s your computer. You don’t have to search for any kind of news – since gathers news from almost all kinds of news website and present to you at one place.

The best feature of reading at is you don’t have any annoying ads and distracting banners. is ad-free news distribution service.

Best Features
There are many add-ons available on for making your reading a worth.

  1. They present to you a category of must-read news.
  2. You can clip your news – Which you can later sort.
  3. You can easily tweet or post the news on facebook with one click.
  4. You can either print or email the news article.

With you will never be short of topics for your blog and since you are getting updated regularly – therefore you can post the latest stuff on your blog and this will bring a lot of traffic.

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