Rewriting Article and Google 2011 Algorithm

With Google changing its algorithm it’s difficult for article writers and bloggers to get the real juice from writing. I don’t think it’s a bad move from Google – as its also saving the writing community.

People, who do write the researched content on their blogs or websites, often have other people doing the re-write of their hard work. Resulting in Google flooded with similar kind of content.

Think from the user perspective – user is getting lots of result for the same topic and which are actually not different it’s the same thing – written differently. Therefore, in correct words – it’s misleading.

For the Rewriting Community
Its difficult time now – because previously it was good enough to get the rewrite done and you could even rank on Google for the same.

But as of now – rewriting the same topic could lead you nowhere.

How To Rewrite
The buzzing question is how you can rewrite now when restriction is on – my suggestion would be – just get a small hint from the topic you are interested in. Do your own research and add some valuable points to the topic that have not been written before.

This will make the article unique.

For the writers who were actually keeping the original article in front of them and then doing rewriting is finished.

One thought on “Rewriting Article and Google 2011 Algorithm”

  1. This has been a new trend to rewrite each article to escape from Google filters. Unique content and articles has high demand in the current scenario. Buying unique articles means you have your back links assures for listing.

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