Selling More and Buying Less

May be you will not agree with me on this but this is what I felt when I visited any Webmaster forum and looked their buy and sell section – sellers are more but buyers are literally disappeared.

Even on the paid platforms the selling listing are growing on large scale as compared to buying ratio.

There could be only one reason “the recession” has grown much stronger during few months and people have started feeling the pain much deeper. This is what I think is actually happening:

  1. Sites do have a running cost – of hosting and managing.
  2. People don’t have much patience to make $300-$400 for one site – they want bulk deals so that they could manage their finance, which are hammered due to recession.
  3. People can get up to 10 to 15 times of their monthly income.

People just want to have as much less expenditure during the recession as much they can – so they are skipping of many things. So, website could be one of the good reason to sell and make money out of your property.

But think twice before selling your website – because may be sales could be some down but if you are selling an excellent developed niche for less only due to recession then you might have to give the second thought to it.

I will recommended if you are selling because the sales are down due to recession then this could be no reason – also just make an evaluation that site is making that much income to sustain for itself or not? If it makes then you should take some consultation on marketing your website and I strongly feel that this will definitely change your opinion about selling your website.

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