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Do you know what the seo is all about? Linking building! Also searching for those link partners who can help you in your link building plays a major part. As searching for appropriate link partners is always difficult and most of the people spend their quality time for searching this.

Other part of users sub-contract their seo work to seo companies, but if you are really interested in doing things by your hand then you need to have some good tools that could help you in all of your seo efforts.

About Link Assistant
This is the ultimate tool to help you with your SEO efforts. Real good tool does it all for you as far as seo and other stats are concerned. Look at the features below what Link Assistant Tool can do for you.

  1. It tracks down your compatible link partners depending on your niche. By just entering your keyword of the niche you will be presented with the list of compatible link partners that might be interested in your site.
  2. Complete SEO information like what’s your position and where your link partners are standing at the moment.
  3. Link harvesting is another feature, which you can use to crawl the links from a particular page.
  4. The tool will also give you a complete stat information of the website like Google PR, link popularity, and alexa rank.
  5. Pre-presented with number of professional email templates to email your link partners with a professional quality email.
  6. This also helps in auto-filling of forms in link exchange networks so that you can get a speedy finish and fast link back.

I would say that the list is endless and you need to have a look at all of those by yourself. Assurances you will really enjoy yourself after going through a complete list of features.


Now About Getting This Tool
I can read your mind, you might be thinking that how can you buy the tool till you have the complete satisfaction. So, no problem in that Link assistant has taken care of that also. You just have to give your name and email to download the fully functional software and test it for 15days FREE.

Now, I don’t think that anybody could ask for more. After enjoying your free trial you can buy this tool for only $147. You read it right! This perfect tool for seo will just cost you $147 and I don’t think this is more as compare to the hefty prices of seo contracts.

Therefore, you have nothing to lose, get your self subscribe for trial offer and see the benefits and then you can decide to buy or not.

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