Setting Your Site up to Snag People

The key benefit of setting up your signature file in an effective way is to provide a direct link to your website. Leading traffic to your website is your ultimate goal, since you cannot put the necessary contact information directly into your Yahoo! Answers profile. If you do make this mistake, you’ll run the risk of being labeled as a spammer and losing your Yahoo! privileges.

An effective strategy for attracting ongoing visitors to your website is to provide as many links to your main page. Using Yahoo! Answers in this way is a very valuable opportunity to make this possible. In essence, your signature file is creating the critical link to turn every answer you post into a cashgenerating initiative.

Conversion rates are the key part of every marketing strategy, and attracting visitors to your site doesn’t mean you stop the marketing efforts when they arrive. One effective way to build up a list of steady customers and targeted traffic is to create an opt-in list. This list will help you leverage your Internet marketing efforts time and time again. These are most effective on the landing page of your website, namely, the squeeze page.

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