Simple Easy and Inexpensive Way To Market Your Blog

These days I am thinking and researching much about marketing of blog, and trying to get something new and some easy and non-expensive way to market blogs. As blogging has become far more competitive than before and its getting competitive day by day. So, thus the marketing also has to be.

As all of you who have been advertising with the contextual networks for blogs and other website must have felt that these days you might not be getting good hits to your website or blogs with them, because people are skipping these ads and also competition is tough in that area also. Choose the right keywords for your niche is much tougher and not at all easy for all the users.

Though you can get some SEO help for your blog, but they would give results after some time and they would need some investment also.

I think the methods of investment is not possible for every blogger and so people usually have inclined interests on the kind of advertisements which says, “Successful blog in 24hrs” or “Get 100K visitors within 24hrs”. These methods may be true but in most of the cases you will land into spam.

So, what is the correct way to get real and actual users to your blog and that’s also fast, I have worked out a way and do think this could work well for all.

Rising Chart

Simple marketing technique:
First of all when you have chosen your niche to start a blog, you have to visit the related niche forums. Build a profile on the forums and help or answers or be a part of the discussions this way you will gain some reputation and when you are building your profile just make sure to add you messenger id, this will help others to see your messenger id and if your post is really good or your comment or answer is really helpful chances are that users might add your messenger id to there own messengers.

Now, the simple marketing work starts here. As you have gain some reputation in the forums and your messenger list is also having few messenger friends.

Make a new post in your blog and when you have published it just add this to your messenger id as a “status message”. This will be of very much help because you will gain instant users.

The users present in your messenger list will see a new post is being updated and if you write really helpful blog posts then this will help instantly in your marketing plan.

Users in your messenger list will visit instantly so if you have 200-users in your list and about 60% users if visit your current blog posts then 120users will visit instantly to your new blog post, and if they like the post they will surely share with their friends too. This way you will have a chain reaction to your blog post and unique visitors also.

Simple, nice and easy way to market your blog and also in a there is no expense involved.

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