Starting Your First Google Adwords Campaign

When starting Google Adwords campaign for the first time – it’s confusing on understanding things and how it will work. But thanks to the know-how available with Google adwords – they are indeed helpful and their support staff is always nice and quick in solving issues.

Effectively Advertise on Google Adwords
No matter how adwords know-how tells you – but please don’t opt for the bid simulator at any step – and a big no for the people who are starting it for the first time.

How to Start
Make your first campaign – use the keyword research tool available in adwords to sort keywords for you. List them and start your campaign – but just note one thing for sure.

The highest bid amounts that you see right on keywords – don’t try to target those bids for the keywords mention there – always try to keep a strict budget on the keywords.

For example:
If a keywords shows you a bid of $5.2 then for the people who are advertising for the first time should keep it below $1 and see the average position where do you stand.

Believe me you will get a position of 6th or 7th. No bad because you want to be sure which keywords actually work great and which are not as good.

This is just for your test and you can see if the low positions are worthy enough and give a good productivity for your campaign – then you should raise the bids to get the higher positions. This way you will gain more and spend less.

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