Text Or Listen – Boring or Interesting

It was yesterday that again pushed me to my thought of starting the vlog – or Podcasts for my blog – I really do want to have Podcasts or videos for blogging from a long time but due to some or the other issues I have not been able to do it yet.

It was the thing – I was just surfing to get the information and when found the information – it was pretty boring to read as I was reading it bit later in the day almost in the mid-night – so I had the feeling of bored.

Next I searched the same piece of information and got to found the video – it was easy then to watch the video of 15mins rather than reading the stuff for 10mins long.

Since – video becomes two-way interactive as you are watching someone – who is doing some actions to have your attention. On the other hand for the reading stuff – it is same old story – nothing much interesting about.

May Be
I am sure many of you must be feeling bored reading this also – because it may be due to awkward time you are reading or may be anything else. But text is always tends to keep on the boring side.

If this article was a piece of Podcast which you could download – it would have been too easy – just to listen it and finish up the task of following the blog – this could have finished in less than 2mins on Podcast.

I am not sure when will be the day – when I will be podcasting on my blog – so that you could download and load it in your devices to hear later also. But I am hoping to keep up my hopes and look forward to implementing Podcasts.

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