Tips on Getting the most out of blogs

Making a blog for every niche is not that difficult, you can always get or read some reviews and then write on some posts. To get most from your blogs is the big ask.

If you decide appearing in the blog would be beneficial, you have several options:

Comment on an article written by the blogger.
Offer additional information, not criticism. Though you want to be seen as an expert in the field, don’t openly confront the blog author, who might simply remove your posts. This is business; keep your ego in check. As with chat rooms and message boards, try not to pontificate. Keep your blog responses short and open-ended. Be sure to include a link back to your site.

E-mail the blog owner to ask for a mention in his blog.
Find bloggers who’ve written about your industry through directories or inbound links. E-mail the blogger with your request, explaining why you like their blogs, and why your news/product/service matters to their readers. Perhaps you can offer a free sample, or at least a link on your site. Thank them for their time, however they respond.

Bloggers often exchange links to each other’s sites or blogs. Do it! Links to your Web site from a blog make your site seem relevant and might enhance your search engine ranking. This benefit alone is an important business incentive to blog. As with chat rooms or message boards monitor your selected blogs and try to comment once a week for several months.


Again, use a different e-mail address with each blog to determine which blogs are generating prospects. Click-through from blogs to your Web site show up in your referrer statistics.

If you put a blog on your own Web site, submit it to as many of these directories as possible. Appearing in directories can drive more readers to your blog, encourage links from other blogs, and help improve your search engine ranking.

These are the simple steps to follow and make your blog visible in the blogosphere.

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