Trying to Build Directory Business

People have tried tested and leftover. Directory business is one such thing – people have started like anything and then everything was bang off to shut down. There were mistakes that people made with their directory business, which lead to their downfall.

Directory business is no such bad business and it still has juice to make money. But with a difference which many people don’t realize.

Directories for Earning
It’s not about buying a directory script – registering a domain and installing the script. Directory business has taken itself to the next horizon.

You need to understand one thing with directory – don’t just build a link index. Make it an informative index to include articles and all related information and with it include the directory script.

This is by far necessary to include many such information because Google likes to index the content and don’t actually indexes the links. If your directory will have content as well as links then it is more likely to index in Google and later can be optimized.

Also, you can do one such thing to include the detailed description of the links submitted to your link directory – as this will be counted as content plus links.

SEO site structure also plays an important role; therefore it should be kept in mind when setting up directory. But keep the content intact, as this is the foremost SEO that you can do for your directory business.

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