Twitter an Easy Promotion for Your Blog

Have you realized what role can twitter or other micro-blogging play in your blog promotion? As far as till now how micro-blogging has soared to new heights within no time. This has given rise to many possibilities of promotion and mainly blogs.

Twitter can be helpful in creating good followers for your blog. As I feel good is quick short and expressive to much extent to influence users that may be interested in your blogs.

Now, I know it can be tedious if I say after finishing your post just copy some text and post it in your twitter account because I would also not like to do. As all we webmasters/bloggers are bit towards automated tasks if it comes to the tasks similar to this.

Easy Solution
There is a very easy solution for the need. You don’t have to copy each and every post in your twitter manually. All this is done by

TwitterFeed is the solution for automating the task of posting your blog posts to twitter. In this you just have to signup with your OpenID and give your twitter details and your blog RSS feeds. Adjust the time of crawl depending on the frequency of posts you write.

That’s it you are promoting your blog in one of the most advanced promotion techniques.

How This Helps
In various ways this can help in bringing users to your blog. It creates instant buzz and also I think this could embark search engines crawlers a bit.

Also, with “followers” feature in twitter this can well create followers for your blog in the working as in blogs we call it RSS feeds. This feature could finally enhance your ranking and increase hit ratio to your blog.


Want to Test
If you want to see how this TwitterFeed once embed in your twitter account works then follow to my twitter account. You will see my current blog post on the twitter. It’s easy, it’s happening, and it’s free to use.

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