Twitter to Market Your Programs

There may be many ways to make money by marketing the affiliate programs – few of them are creating landing pages and marketing the affiliate program – but sometimes this creation of landing pages seems pretty time and money consuming.

Twitter Your Way
Why not make it a short and easy way to market affiliate programs and let people click directly to the affiliate links or indirectly. I will explain this now.

Direct in Twitter
Make a dedicated twitter channel for a particular affiliate program – lets call it a niche twitter account. In that particular niche twitter account now start making some short few character reviews with your affiliate link directly embedded in the message.

I see that there is much potential waiting this way – people those who will join will definitely be searching for something related to your niche and if they join – it will just be a bingo.

Indirect in Twitter
Same as previous you need to create a niche twitter account and in that account you need to start twittering your small reviews about the product and in the message you could just write the name of your landing page so that people first visit your landing page and then your affiliate channel – this will be for some users who want that extra knowledge to get subscribe to.

Easy Way
This is the easiest way and you could twitter right from your mobile phone and answers to users queries instantly if any – which is not possible in traditional landing pages.

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