Use of Favicon and Styled Logos

You must have seen favicon – if not then it is the left image located on the URL address bar of the browser. I saw a question in the Webmaster forum about favicon and it stated “What is the use of favicon”.

Interesting question isn’t it! So, why do people really use favicon or the styled logos or a particular theme for all their different sections?

Using Favicon and Styled Logos
Many people will say this or that about the usage and some more interesting answers could be it may be used for SEO purposes. Before speculation intrudes your minds let me clarify all this, as it is used just for the branding purpose.

Favicon is the basic of branding – first it was logo and particular theme to be carried over on all different sections a website has – so in that prospect only favicon is used.

When you see a favicon for a site – you must have seen some awkward and never forgetting images – this can also be termed as the basics of marketing.

In marketing and branding one thing is common you need to penetrate users mind in order – so that they remember you in some or the other way.

Therefore, this could prove a good marketing strategy; if you place a unique favicon on your blog or site – and carry the same theme all over on all sections – this might not be possible always – but try to do it on most of the occasions to build a brand.

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