What If You are Traveling

Whether you are pro or a new blogger you are bound to have it that you are traveling and then you cannot write – and some times you don’t have internet access if you have mobile computing with you – but with some of good persons listening to all this have made a custom in wordpress which actually allows you to post when you are not even online or not even typing the report.

Am I Bluffing
Seriously speaking no! I am not – as wordpress gives you the freedom to type the post when you are not online or have not written the post – with the feature of time-stamp present in the wordpress you can now control the blogging at your own pace.

You can write at least 5-10 posts each for a day and then insert in to the wordpress but with the time-stamp – so that wordpress automatically posts all your posts on the time when you have specified it to do.

You have your own freedom – and you are not bound to have it written when you are traveling or commuting quickly.

This can also work when you are over-flown with ideas and then as I have always written that it is not recommended to over feed your readers with the stuff – so for all those guys you can now have wordpress timestamp and with the help of that you can have proper interval between posts.

This is the easiest of ways to organize your blog efficiently and properly.

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