What is the ClickBank Code?

No clickbank has not implemented something new to their coding and also has not done anything to clickbank affiliate page – but this is related to clickbank marketing. Tons of pages have been written about clickbank marketing but I guess – clickbank marketing topic will never be old.

But there are always new ways that are determined from time to time – for clickbank marketing because clickbank is itself so vast – that no one marketing can be marked as successful.

Clickbank Marketing
For all those newbies who have just started clickbank marketing – you can market clickbank product by creating affiliate pages and market those websites on various PPC networks.

But I am not here to highlight those things – which have already been said and you must have read anywhere else – because I do think that creating web pages is not possible for all those people – who want to earn money through internet – because everyone is not a webmaster and everyone does not know html and other simple software for making those web pages/landing pages.

What To Do
I will summarize in points so that it will be easy for anyone to understand.

1. Signup at clickbank.
2. Take your affiliate link from clickbank.
3. Create Adwords account.
4. Create New Campaign and write details for the advertisement.
5. Write the URL of the website which you are affiliate for.
6. In the landing URL write your clickbank affiliate link.
7. Select the keywords for the campaign – Adwords tool will help you in this.
8. Do not forget to adjust your daily budget.

You are done.

No problem of creating landing page and this method is well verse with Adwords policy. I strongly think that this method will make more money in compare with the landing page method.

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