What To Do When Content Copied

It’s the usually daily story for bloggers around world that often content is copied to other websites/blogs. It also implies that you are writing really well, but there are other issues with the content copied.

The main issue is search engines will term it as duplicate content. So, what can be done to actually protect your content?

If you are really writing unique stuff and believe in seriously taking your blogging career but afraid of getting content copied.

Then first thing you have to do after publishing your post, submit to social booking marking sites. This way you will have the higher authority to claim the post as your own.

As, all blogs are not instantly crawled by the search engines, so if your post has been crawled before from other content copied site, then search engine would claim it as a duplicate content.

There is also a plugin designed for wordpress its called as “Auto Social Poster” you can install this plugin and whenever you publish any of your posts it will automatically submit your posts to all the social bookmarking sites.

This plugin also gives you submission report via email that in which social bookmarking sites, your post was submit.

It’s easy to install this plugin and then from admin section you are required to fill the username and password of the social bookmarking sites.


This is all white hat method to submit via this plugin. Also, this is the far simpler method to claim your post as original before it is being copied to somewhere else.

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