When It’s Simple – Still It’s Sensible

I have tried this and it brought sense to my blogging – when you are short of topics or not finding anything new – it’s always better to have a write on some simple topics. It provides depth to your blogging and also keeps the reader busy or visiting your blog for that day.

As visits are very necessary for any blog and blogger – this keeps the momentum going and build up the interest of the blogger and the reader.

Writing a Simple Topic
You are not always writing for an advance user – you need to have diversity in your blog and blogging – that’s why it is necessary that you keep on writing some of the simple topics, which you think that all must be knowing – but as the reach of the internet and the usage is not within limits – therefore the probability of some user in any part of the world might be searching for that simple piece of information.

What is Simple Topic
Anything which you can write or have learnt long time ago and still use it somewhere – it can be any self improvement topic – any html guide – any simple money making trick which you normally follow – it can also be simple installation guide.

You need to find the simple topic according to your niche – as the above examples you can find related simple topics for your niche too.

So, next time you fall short of topics –don’t feel awkward – this is the perfect time to give depth to your blog with some simple blogging topic.

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