Which Networks to Subscribe

Twitter is the one sensation we are living every day every moment – since you might be following many people – in a good hope to get the instant updates – here is something that you don’t have to miss out with twitter updates.

This does makes necessary to do – when you are following some blogger and have subscribed to their blog feed – do also don’t forget to subscribe for their twitter feed.

But Obvious
Many of you might be doing it already but for the rest half who might have not yet done – this is why you should do:

As twitter is the one happy tool for any blogger – they don’t actually have to key in complete article and format it correctly – on twitter they can just flow and write instantly – what they actually want to share with the world.

Make a search – I have already done – you will be amazed to see that most bloggers do have something extra to share on their twitter page – which they cant write down on their blogs – thus this twitter text is also of same value and carries the same knowledge worth as the blog post.

In this series of subscription – I would rate facebook second to twitter – since if you already subscribed for twitter – you will get all instant updates.

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