Which One is Best Affiliate Network?

If you are a member of Webmaster forum then you must have been the obvious question that usually pops-up which Affiliate Network is Best.

It makes me confuse when people start asking from CJ, Shareasale, Pepperjam, Market Leverage, which is good. How can one rate, as all are best and trusted.

See, if you look on the broader scale all the leading affiliate networks has all kinds of offers, CPA, CPC and CPL, and all networks pay best and timely. Then why people often ask such questions which have got no appropriate answer.

One network may be good for you but it may not be for other and the simple reason for this is because the kind of offer you might be searching to promote might not be available in the network you are looking.

It may also happen that if some people answer you that this particular affiliate network is good is because they must have got the kind of product they want to promote and been successful.

People may argue with me on this that some affiliate network has high cookie duration as compare to others – but a fact is cookie duration is not depended on the affiliate network this basically depends up with the advertiser.

Also, if you see an advertiser present in two affiliate networks and at both places they are marketing the same program with different affiliate commission this is due to the fact – the kind of affiliates/publishers available in two networks might be different – like some affiliate network may have good affiliate while others don’t.

So, before asking the question next time I will urge all of you concentrate on the kind of product you are searching for and not on affiliate network – searching product is worth the time spent – rather than going through the affiliate network issues.

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